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Transformer Services
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transformer services

Transformer Services

Transformer Services

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transformer services

Knowing our customers’ reliance on uninterrupted operation, GE Industrial Solutions has invested heavily in innovations that monitor, diagnose, maintain, and repair transformers of all sizes and makes – either in the field or in one of our five repair facilities. Whether you’re looking for transformer service from reconditioning to recovery after a transient, you can be confident that a solution is never far away with our remote capabilities, fleet of 16 vacuum oil processors, skilled service centers, and rapid onsite repairs and testing.



From remanufacturing to testing, maintenance, and support in the shop or in the field, GE offers transformer services that help our customers maximize transformer performance and reliability:

  • Transformer remanufacturing in shop up to 500KV and 500MVA.  Can provide improvements such as increased MVA, BIL, and cooling; increased short-circuit strength; and higher overload capacity
  • Major repair capabilities, including field un-tanking and modifications
  • Onsite repair and rewind brings the shop to your transformer up to 800MVA and 500kV
  • Portable transformer testing – perform induced testing with acoustic location for PD, load loss testing and impulse testing at your site​
  • Fluid processing, analysis and recommendations  for dehydration, degasification, and full reclamation including Fullers earth or clay reactivation
  • NuAir* emissions control system limits air pollution during transformer oil recycling​

GE Advantage

Our team of specialized transformer repair technicians and experienced repair shop personnel deliver a suite of technologies that pinpoint problems with the highest degree of timeliness and accuracy and restore service with the least disruption possible.


GE has the largest network of transformer repair facilities in North America. Each facility has capabilities to remanufacture and test transformers to any standard. GE can remanufacture all types of transformers of both core and shell type manufacture.


Because we maintain the original design records for GE and several other manufacturers, our repair facilities can begin the remanufacturing process prior to receiving your transformer. Design data availability also allows GE to provide spare coils for critical units that can reduce future repair cycles by up to half.


GE Industrial Solutions is dedicated to advancing our technology and logistics, developing a suite of unique portable transformer services to bring the expected GE level of quality and precision to customer sites. For larger transformers, the cost for rigging and transportation to a repair facility could reach $500,000 to $1,000,000 each way, and the round trip can easily take three months, assuming no shipping damage. Field transformer testing and repairs, where applicable, offer many benefits to utilities and large industrials – many rapid onsite services can cost less than the transportation expense alone. 




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