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SecoGear MCC Air Insulated Switchgear

SecoGear MCC Air Insulated Switchgear

SecoGear MCC is a three-phase, metal enclosed, air-insulated factory assembled switchgear. SecoGear MCC is type-tested and suitable for indoor applications up to 12 kV. The panel is designed with withdrawable modules and is fitted with a single busbar system. The withdrawable parts are equipped with fuse-contactor suitable for use in the connection of motors up to 2 MVA.

Features and benefits


Full electrical supply solution

  • SecoGear MCC panels can be directly connected to SecoGear circuit breaker panels to allow for motor,  transformers, capacitors and other loads to be supplied from the same switchboard lineup.
  • Multiple motor starting configurations can be implemented

IEC Type Tested

  • The SecoGear MCC panel is fully type tested to IEC standards in KEMA laboratories
  • Internal Arc Classification (IAC) testing of 40kA, 1sec, A FLR

Long life contactor

  • The embedded pole vacuum interrupter design ensures reliable operation in the harshest of environment
  • The SecoGear MCC fuse contactor has a mechanical endurance of over 300,000 operations.