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SEV32 - Motor control centre

SEV32 - Motor control centre

Motor control centre with fully withdrawable modules. All switching, control and protection devices are mounted as one functional unit within one module. Each cubicle can house up to 32 withdrawable units from a range of 7 standard module sizes. 

Features and benefits

  • Type tested to IEC 439, IEC 947 and DIN. VDE. 660 pt 500
  • Arcproof design, fully insulated bus bars and risers to maximise safety
  • Fully withdraweable incomers and feeders, including comprehensive safety interlocks 2to protect both person and plant
  • HSEV Fuse Switch available in either BS/DIN fuses or MCCB configurations in up 32 modules per column
  • Compact design gives up to 32 x 11kW starters in a column all easy to cable, install and maintaining protection for the electrician from live connections and parts
  • Fully withdrawable starters up to 280kW also Soft Starters & Variable Speed drives
  • Designed for front access allowing direct mounting against a wall having total ease of use from the front for installation and maintenance