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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations - Networked


Look to GE's broad-based expertise to make an integrated, connected and stylish EV charging solutions a practical reality for your location. Our market knowledge and product development has set the standard for user-friendly designs and reliability.


GE's WattStation stands ready to serve the millions of cars that will be plugging-in instead of fueling-up in the coming years. Electric Vehicles can help reduce net CO2 generated by automotive transportation and lower operating costs. Position yourself ahead of the curve in the EV marketplace with GE as your partner!


GE has a full range of electrical distribution products required to support EV deployment and to move power from the grid to the road. Through the GE EV Certified Installer program, you can tap into our network of service providers for the assistance needed to make your EV charging project a reality.




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Features and Benefits

  • Modern design: With its modern, sleek design, the award-winning GE WattStation will fit into any commercial, public or retail location. And it's sure to turn heads.
  • Retractable cord: The unique cord management system ensures that the WattStation's cord is easy and safe to stow away from pedestrian walkways, providing protection between uses.
  • Modular upgrades: GE has developed the WattStation solution so it can easily grow to meet your future needs. Its modular design simplifies in-field upgrades and ensures that your EV charging facility can expand without the need for costly replacement equipment.
  • Safety first: WattStation delivers peace of mind with ground fault protection. It features a NEMA 3R indoor/outdoor rating and meets all UL and fire safety standards.
  • Easy to use: The product offers Level II charging with service needs of 208-240VAC at 40A. The sleek user interface and LED indicator lights offer users a simple and clear way to identify when the WattStation is available for use, charging the EV, or if a fault has occurred.