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Wavepro LT

Wavepro LT

WavePro LT Busway System provides safe and reliable power distribution for commercial and industrial applications.
WavePro LT Busway System reduces installation costs while providing superior performance for electrical contractors and end users.

Features and benefits

  • WavePro LT busway features an aluminum housing with good heat dissipation characteristics.
  • Each busway joint is provided with a color-coded temperature indicator to give an early warning when the joints reach high temperatures.
  • Class B (130℃) insulation.
  • Up to ±4mm adjustable joints with Belleville spring washers that do not require re-torquing. A double headed "break off" joint bolt is used to tighten the busway without the use of a torque wrench.
  • Larger conductor cross-section area than competitors, resulting in better energy savings.