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New Products

Discover Our New Product and Services Introductions

New Product Introductions (NPIs) are an extension of our continued commitment to introduce leading industry products and services. This page provides an overview of all our newly launched products and services.

  • October 2014 Product Releases

    • Digital Commander Paralleling Switchgear

      Digital Commander Paralleling Switchgear

      Digital Commander is a new system design that has evolved and adapted to the changing technologies in engine generator design, switchgear controls and monitoring systems. It reflects GE's continuing commitment to reliable solutions for critical power applications. 

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    • Dual Function GFCI/AFCI Ground Fault & Combination Arc Fault Circuit

      Dual Function GFCI/AFCI Ground Fault & Combination Arc Fault Circuit Breaker

      The 2014 National Electric Code (NEC**) has mandated Ground Fault and Arc Fault Circuit protection on 15A and 20A kitchen and laundry circuits.  General Electric's Dual Function GFCI/AFCI Ground Fault & Combination Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (DFCI) meets these requirements.

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    • EntelliGuard Manager Gateway

      EntelliGuard Manager Gateway

      Designed for frequently monitored systems where safety is paramount, GE EntelliGuard Manager Gateway provides a wireless solution for monitoring circuit breakers.  It allows a user to view information from multiple EntelliGuard trip units via smartphone or tablet. 

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  • July 2014 Product Releases

  • April 2014 Product Releases

    • Static Transfer Switches

      Static Transfer Switches

      Seamless input source transfers for sensitive critical loads. GE Critical Power is a key supplier of static transfer switches to a wide range of industries.

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    • AKD-20 LV Switchgear AR

      AKD-20 & Entellisys* AR

      GE’s AKD-20 and Entellisys Arc Resistant (AR) Switchgear solutions are for applications where an extra margin of safety is essential. They meet the IEEE C37.20.7 Type 2B AR standard which states that the equipment will provide arc resistance protection on the front, rear, and sides while opening designated low-voltage compartments.

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    • A-Series II Branch Circuit Monitoring

      A-Series* II Branch Circuit Monitoring

      Branch Circuit Monitoring (BCM) delivers valuable and precise branch usage data from the A-Series platform down to the individual branch circuit, enabling users to analyze and identify potential cost-saving actions.

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    • A-Series II Panelboard with AMP1 Meter

      A-Series* II AMP1 Integrated Power and Energy Meter

      AMP1 Integrated Power & Energy Meter monitors key electrical parameters of the main power coming into the panelboard. The factory installed AMP1 meter is a completely integrated solution ideal for tenant billing and cost allocation.
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    • HPC, New Generation, High Pressure Switch

      HPC*, New Generation, High Pressure Switch

      The new generation HPC switch is based on the time-proven platform of the Power Break* II circuit breaker. Now, it’s ArcWatch*-enabled to provide a better Arc Flash hazard mitigation solution!

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    • EntelliGuard Manager

      EntelliGuard* Manager

      EntelliGuard Manager is a broad and expanding set of tools designed to monitor, set, and customize the data present in the GE range of EntelliGuard, microEntelliGuard and PremEon trip units. 

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  • August 2013 Product and Service Releases

    • PremEon S Trip Units for Record Plus FE & FG

      PremEon* S Trip Units for Record Plus FE & FG

      Record Plus FE250 and FG600 circuit breakers are now available with the new PremEon S trip unit, which replaces the SMR1 trip unit. The new PremEon S is an advanced electronic trip unit platform designed to offer reliability in all network environments.
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    • envisage

      envisage* Energy Management System

      envisage opens up a virtual window to analyze and control your facility's real-time energy usage – onsite, through a web browser or mobile device.

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  • July 2013 Product and Service Releases

    • TLE Series UPS

      TLE Series UPS

      The new TLE Series UPS (160 to 1500 kW) is an innovative UPS combining high reliability, high efficiency and high power. The perfect blend of smart software, diagnostics and real-time multi-mode energy savings.

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    • ZT30 Series ATS

      The Zenith ZT30 is a UL tested 30-cycle short time rated Automatic Transfer Switch that is utilized with Over Current Protective Devices (OCPD) to facilitate selective coordination. 

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  • April 2013 Product and Service Releases

    • DC Drives

      DC Drives

      GE provides a competitive low voltage DC drive product combined with effective project execution tools to improve your drive systems reliability and performance while minimizing total installed cost and disruption to production. You now have the choice of upgrading your GE DC drive system components individually or wholesale as this new offering is completely compatible with legacy products.

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    • Safety Switches (w/ Seismic Compliance)

      Safety Switches (w/ Seismic Compliance)

      GE's complete line of safety switches (General Duty, Heavy Duty, Double Throw and Solar Duty) have undergone an extensive test program in order to certify their seismic capabilities according to the International Building Code and IEEE seismic design standards.

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    • Acoustic Testing for Transformers

      Acoustic Testing for Transformers

      The application of a portable partial discharge measuring unit allows GE to specifically locate incidents of partial discharge (PD) found during an induced testing of a transformer. By precisely locating the area of partial discharge, GE can often conduct field repairs, which saves you time and potentially millions in transportation costs. Acoustic testing, combined with induced testing is recommended after an electrical incident that might call in to question the integrity of the transformer's windings.

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  • October 2012 Product Releases

    • Entellisys 5.0

      Entellisys* 5.0 Low Voltage Switchgear

      Entellisys 5.0 low voltage switchgear with EntelliGuard* E circuit breakers - Now you can have all of the valuable benefits of Entellisys at higher kA IC ratings without fuses. The EntelliGuard E circuit breakers can be used in the same lineup with EntelliGuard circuit breakers. This flexibility provides the ability to have lineups with fuseless breakers from 800A through 5000A with 100kA interrupting capacity. Entellisys 5.0 also expands the selectivity capability of Entellisys as well as increasing arc flash protection. 

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    • lighting panel circuit breaker

      TEY D/H/L Breakers in A-Series* Panelboards

      Expanding GE's fully rated (to 65kAIC) selectivity product offering in a more compact design, now available is the TEY D/H/L breakers in A-Series Panelboards. They allow full instantaneous selectivity, which can be coordinated with upstream and downstream GE breakers, while decreasing the footprint of the installation. These products also deliver up to 65kAIC fully rated @ 480V.

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    • WattStation Wall Mount

      Networked WattStation* Wall Mount

      GE's WattStation Wall Mount EV charger is now available in a networked version. Integrated with WattStation Connect, this hardware and service solution can help customers manage their charging stations remotely, generate valuable reports, and engage with their customers. It features the same overall footprint of the nonnetworked version and is offered as a plug in unit. A hardwired version is available upon request.

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    • Underground Pipe Inspection

      Underground Pipe Inspection

      GE's Surveyor offers a comprehensive, high-resolution, high-defect discrimination inspection solution for owners of industrial facilities that employ underground carbon or stainless steel pipe systems. Surveyor's unique design allows for the examination of large sections of piping, including systems with vertical runs and multiple 1.5D radius bends, from a single access point.

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    • LV AC Product Line Extension

      At GE Industrial Solutions we take a complete system approach, combining field-engineering expertise with our exceptional drives and control products. Our fully engineered drive solutions for coordinated drive and complex control applications can substantially improve the quality and efficiency of your processes. For new installations and upgrades, we support you from start to finish with project management, application engineering, hardware and software engineering, system testing, technical direction of installation, commissioning and spare parts.

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  • August 2012 Product Releases

    • Evolution Series Switchboard

      Evolution* Series Switchboard

      The Evolution Series Switchboard is just that-the logical evolution of our highly regarded Spectra* Series Switchboard. With an installed base of thousands of units worldwide, Spectra Series Switchboards set the standard for functionality, flexibility, and rugged, durable construction. Evolution Series Switchboards build on this legacy and provide the foundation for power distribution systems wherever 24/7-reliability is an absolute necessity. You can count on Evolution Series Switchboards to deliver: Ease of installation, Improved Arc Flash Mitigation, Enhanced Selectivity, Expanded Ratings, and Efficient Footprint.

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    • Spectra SK

      Spectra* microEntelliGuard* K Extended Instantaneous (Selective)

      Two new versions of the Spectra microEntelliGuard K frame (SKS and SKT) are now available. This brings the full value GE's WaveForm Recognition (WFR) and Instantaneous Zone Selective Interlocking (I-ZSI) protections to the 1200A frame size. Full instantaneous selectivity with downstream GE molded case circuit breakers and upstream EntelliGuard® circuit breakers.

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    • Limitamp AR

      Limitamp* AR Arc Resistant Medium Voltage Motor Control

      Limitamp AR is the Arc Resistant version of the Limitamp. It provides a solution for arc flash conditions, increasing the safety and protection defined in the applicable IEEE standards. The new Limitamp AR Medium Voltage Motor Controllers meet and exceed the safety requirements of the market, offering more reliable operation and control of Medium Voltage installations. It is available in one and two-high versions of FVNR, rated for 2.4-7.2kV-400A, 5kV-800A, 3000A BUS NEMA 1, 50kA motor starters.

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    • Meter Enclosure

      Meter Enclosure - Meter in a Box

      With GE's Meter in a Box, designing or expanding your electrical distribution system just got a whole lot easier. Key product features include; ease of ordering – all necessary components to interface with a meter included; Internal wiring completed for you, just connect your wires to the terminal board – reduced risk of wiring mistakes and accelerated installation; Small enclosure profile allows for increased flexibility when choosing a mounting location; and UL/CUL listed with NEMA Type 12 and 4 (for internal display option only) ratings.

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    • Portable Impulse Testing

      Portable Impulse Testing

      Our Portable Impulse Testing service is an overvoltage test that confirms that the transformer insulation system was designed to meet the type of transient conditions, such as a lightning strike, that would exist in a substation. The test is confirming the BIL of the transformer, and can test any new, old or remanufactured transformer of any size at 500 kV or below. This test can be performed by itself or used in conjunction with other GE offerings, such as induced testing or load testing, to determine the condition of a transformer.

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    • AF-6 Series MultiPulse

      AF-6 MultiPulse Drive Panels

      Concerns for power quality and clean electrical systems continue to grow with users of non-linear loads like variable speed drives. Meeting IEEE519-1992's recommended levels of harmonic distortion improves system efficiency and reduces nuisance tripping of devices. Drives with multiple rectifiers or pulses, e.g., 18 pulse drives, help meet these needs and allow the use of variable speed drives.

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    • General Duty Safety Switches

      General Duty Safety Switches

      All 30A to 200A General Duty safety switches now have a cover interlock.

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  • April 2012 Product Releases

    • WattStation


      The award-winning WattStation is suitable for various commercial, public or retail locations. The product offers Level II charging with service needs of 208-240VAC at 40A. The sleek user interface and LED indicator lights offer a simple and clear way to identify when the WattStation is available for use, charging the EV, or if a fault has occurred. The unique cord management system ensures that the WattStation's 16-foot cord is easy and safe to stow away from pedestrian walkways, providing protection between uses.

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    • WattStation Connect

      WattStation* Connect

      GE's electric vehicle software platform, WattStation Connect, is a means for EVSE owners to configure, control and monitor their charging station network. It provides a means for connecting users and drivers, as well as motivating drivers to seek and utilize public charging stations. Timely information about the state of their charging stations gives owners the ability to diagnose and manage problems remotely. The ability to define and set pricing plans for the use of their charger is also included. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology provides secure access to charging stations. 

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    • AF-6 Disconnect Drive Panels

      AF-6 Disconnect Drive Panels

      AF-600 FP and AF-650 GP Disconnect Drive Panels are the solution for building owners interested in reducing the space required for mounting equipment, and for users looking for drive solutions that are simple to operate and maintain. Incorporating a fused or circuit breaker disconnect in the drive's enclosure, the Disconnect Drive's footprint is up to 50% smaller than the traditional Non-Bypass and Bypass full featured versions of the product. 

      Learn more about the AF-600 FP* Enclosed Drive Panel

      Learn more abuto the AF-650 GP* Enclosed Drive Panel

    • MV LIS Retrofit

      Medium Voltage Load Interrupter Switch

      Power to the facility flows through the Load Interrupter Switch (LIS) to the main transformer, and then into the plant's electric distribution network. LISs typically use fuses to protect the transformer in an over current situation, but customers require faster acting vacuum circuit breakers to comply with Arc Flash Safety Standards. A vacuum circuit breaker retrofit solution provides reduced AF incident energy levels for customers on their MV system. This MV offering retrofits a fixed mounted SecoVac breaker into the fused compartment of LIS and provides another AF mitigating solution that PSE can include in Arc-Flash Hazard Analysis.

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  • October 2011 Product Releases


      EntelliGuard* R Retrofill

      EntelliGuard R Retrofill provides a streamlined solution for customers looking to update their legacy circuit breakers with a new EntelliGuard G Breaker, and give their existing switchgear a new lease on life. In addition to providing a host of new features, the EntelliGuard R Retrofill solution offers the option to include the EntelliGuard TU Trip Unit for both arc flash protection and selectivity at the same time. The EntelliGuard R offers a means to increase reliability and enhance the protection of existing electrical systems. The leading GE advantages include the UL listing and GE-provided, easy-to-use field wiring diagrams.

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    • Branch Circuit Monitoring

      A-Series* II Panelboard with Branch Circuit Monitoring

      This new energy management product lets users monitor key electrical parameters down to a branch circuit level. This information can then be transmitted to a BAS or similar system to analyze usage and identify potential cost-saving measures.

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    • GenTower

      GenTower* Generator Connection Panelboard

      Previously available only as a switchboard, the benefits of GenTower now come to Spectra Series* panelboards. It allows for quick and easy connection to an external generator in order to keep critical facilities up and running when utility power is lost.

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    • Record Plus FE Main in A-Series Panelboards

      Record Plus* FE Main in A-Series* Panelboards

      Expanding GE's selectivity product offering, the Record Plus FE circuit breaker is now available is as a main device in A-Series panelboards. This allows full instantaneous selectivity, which can be coordinated with upstream and downstream GE breakers.

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